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A Practical Guide to Coping and Thriving
With Visual Impairment

Coping with Vision Loss

Losing your sight can be potentially disastrous to those that don’t possess the tools and the information to cope. You want to get out of the depression stage, and into the get up and get stage as quickly as possible.

Assistive Technology

So, you’re thinking that just because you can’t see, you have to retire that iPod, or tablet, or sell your Xbox, huh? Wrong! Personal computers, mobile phones, even gaming consoles aren’t as inaccessible as you might think.  

Leisure & Travel

So you’re a bit of a hot foot. Blindness ought not to stop you. Experience the country and even the world from a brand new perspective. Emperor Valley Xoo? A comedy festival? A plane to Tobago, or Barbados? Why not? Let’s go!

Daily Living Skills & Mobility

Think you can’t cook for yourself? What about clean your house? How about heading to the store to pick up some groceries? Loss of sight will not stop you from doing these things. We’ll show you how.

Our Mission & Believes

About us
The Blind Way Forward project is an awardee of the 2015 Lumination Challenge sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development, and is being sponsored by the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO).

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