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We educate persons diagnosed with visual impairment and their families about the various assistive technologies and support services available to them so that they can quickly and effectively adjust to vision loss.

Our Support Network

Live Your Life, Do Things You Love & Discover New Experiences

The Blind Way Forward was designed to fit the way of life of visually impaired professionals.

Daily Living Skills

Think you can’t cook for yourself? What about clean your house? How about heading to the store to pick up some groceries? Loss of sight will not stop you from doing these things. We’ll show you how.

Assistive Technology

So, you’re thinking that just because you can’t see, you have to retire that iPod, or tablet, or sell your Xbox, huh? Wrong! Personal computers, mobile phones, even gaming consoles aren’t as inaccessible as you might think.

Leisure & Travel

So you’re a bit of a hot foot. Blindness ought not to stop you. Experience the country and even the world from a brand new perspective. Emperor Valley Xoo? A comedy festival? A plane to Tobago, or Barbados? Why not? Let’s go!

TV Premier of The Blind Way Forward Film

Visually Impaired does not mean life impaired, you can still live a normal life.

Coping and Thriving with Visual Impairment

Losing your sight can be potentially disastrous to those that don’t possess the tools and the information to cope. You want to get out of the depression stage, and into the get up and get stage as quickly as possible.


Attend a Film Screening

The Blind Way Forward film connects with an audience of blind and sighted individuals through the use of live testimony, humor, real life examples humor and research information to communicate options that are available to a blind individual to live a normal life, doing things they used to do, in a different way.

Attend a Free Workshop

The Blind Way Forward workshop is intended to benefit persons with visual impairments as well as the families of these persons who provide support. Our annual target is to educate at least 500 persons with visual impairment and their families who are accessing the eye care services about the various assistive technologies, support services and associations available to them upon diagnosis.


Join Our Community 

We have established a support website and app to help you understand the importance of providing visually impaired people with access to information at their fingertips for educational purposes and simple daily tasks. We want you to stay in-the-know about employment opportunities designed to fit the way of life of visually impaired professionals. We want you to experience the value of having access to a support network for visually impaired people.

"Visual impairment is a Problem but it is not the problem. The real problem is Ignorance."
Mr. Marlon Parieaho

Find Inspiration and Hope

We have the ability to help people from all walks of life, especially children who must understand that when they get older they have a wide variety of choices for careers rather than the choice that society deems for them.

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